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The lawyers at Rose Law Offices, Attorneys at Law, in Lexington, Kentucky, provide experience, versatility, personalized customer service to clients seeking debt relief. Call 859-263-3560 to schedule a bankruptcy consultation, workers comp, personal injury.

Lexington based law firm serving Lexington, Georgetown, Winchester, Richmond, Ashland, and other areas of Kentucky, including federal courts.

The Rose Law Offices practice law in many areas; with attorney Jill Hall Rose and attorney Kim Garrison, the Rose Law Offices is the only legal representation you or your business will ever need! The Rose Law Offices is focused on client communication to exceed your needs.

The Rose Law Offices in Lexington will work to serve your personal and business needs including but not limited to Bankruptcy Attorney, Business Attorney, Collection Attorney, Litigation Attorney, Personal Injury Attorney, Workers Comp Attorney, Criminal Attorney, and all other civil and legal matters for attorneys in Kentucky in the Great Lexington, KY area including Georgetown, Richmond, and Winchester.​

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  • Bankruptcy (personal):  If your personal or family debts have spiraled out of control, relief may be available through a consumer bankruptcy filing. Consumer bankruptcy includes protection under Chapter 7, Chapter 12 and Chapter 13 cases.

  • Bankruptcy (business):  If your business is facing crippling debt, it may be possible to reorganize the business and become profitable again. We represent distressed companies in both Chapter 11 Corporate Reorganizations and in Chapter 7 Liquidation Bankruptcy proceedings.

  • Business Startup (Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, etc.)

  • Collections Attorney:  The Rose Law Offices provides competent and efficient legal services for collection on business receivables.  We represent businesses ranging from sole proprietorships to international companies.  Our staff is trained to expedite the collection process through standardized collection letters and legal pleadings.  We have an internal tracking system that allows collection matters to proceed quickly and efficiently.  Further, we provide regular updates to our clients, including but not limited to the prospects for a quick recovery.  Once Judgment is obtained our office pursues all reasonable avenues for collection on the Judgment.

  • Contract Law:  When a contract goes wrong and you are not getting what you bargained for, we can do the talking for you.  When your demands for payment have gone unanswered or you are being sued over a contract, contact the Rose Law Offices to represent you. Hiring an attorney sends the message that you are serious about enforcing your rights.  We take litigation seriously, setting deadlines for payment, handling negotiation, and filing lawsuits on your behalf. We take care of contract disputes involving breach of contract and other issues such as violations of a non-compete agreement, failure to deliver goods or services, or failure to pay for goods or services provided. 

  • Corporate General Counsel / Business Attorney:  Kentucky Small Business Owners can’t waste time looking for a business attorney every time a legal matter arises. The Rose Law Offices represent numerous small businesses from corporate formation through document drafting and review.  Few business law attorneys have the hands-on, practical experience of running a business that Rose Law Offices can offer. In addition to operating a law practice in Lexington, Kentucky, Jill Hall Rose is president of a large car dealership in Ashland. Jill Hall Rose understands the legalities facing our commercial clients because we confront many of the same issues on a daily basis.

  • Civil Litigation

  • Criminal Defense Attorney:  If you or a loved one have been arrested and charged with a crime in the Commonwealth of Kentucky, or are a subject in a criminal investigation, you have the right to an attorney who will represent you in fighting against these charges, or in putting a halt to any investigation.  Being accused of a crime is a very serious matter, and will have long-term, devastating consequences for you and your family. We realize that to a client and their family, all criminal charges are serious matters, no matter how minor they are.  Every case and every client deserve a lawyer who will do everything possible to gain a dismissal, a reduction of the charges, or if possible, an acquittal of the charges.  The Rose Law Offices is committed to quality legal service driven by aggressive legal defense strategies and expertise.  We treat criminal defendants with both dignity and respect.  The Rose Law Offices is committed to the principles that everyone is considered innocent until proven guilty and we fight for our clients' rights.

  • Personal Injury Attorney

  • Workers Compensation Attorney

The Rose Law Offices represent all size businesses, from sole proprietorships to international companies. We have represented 100's of clients throughout Central Kentucky. Some prominent clients include: Citizens National Bank, Peoples Bank,  Southern States, Ferguson Bath and Supply, Palumbo Lumber, Frank Shoop Chevrolet.

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